Hi! I’m Charlene.

I help creatives show and sell their work by telling better stories.

Dear Creative Person,

Can I ask you my favorite question?

HOW do you show and sell your work?

Because here’s the thing: Designing and making beautiful things isn’t enough.

If you want to make a creative living, you have to show your beautiful work
… to the right people
… at the right time
… in the right way

In words and visuals, online and offline.

I really believe that selling your work can be as simple as that!

And I believe in you and what you do, creative person.

Let’s go add more beauty to this world, together!

Social Media for Interior Designers (London workshops)

Social Media for Interior Designers workshop, Jan 29th: I’m teaching Social Media for Interior Designers workshops for the British Institute of Interior Design in London. Details on the BIID website. BIID-accredited CPD.

Blog post and Video: How to Maximize Exposure after a Design Show

How I Work with Creative Entrepreneurs

I work with designers, makers, brands and creative entrepreneurs in NYC, London and around the world in a couple of ways:

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