Social Media Tips for a Design and Craft Fair

Welcome, designers and makers!

If you’re exhibiting at MADE London Marylebone, best wishes for a great show.

As you’re prepping your products and display for the fair, don’t neglect your social media presence!

I’m Charlene of Creative Clerkenwell and The Creative Edit.
I help creatives show and sell their work.
I’m a curator, creative business mentor and a big fan of social media.

In this mini video training, I’ll share my tips for using Twitter, Instagram and Facebook before, during and after the show to:

  • increase your visibility
  • make the most of the opportunity
  • build relationships

If you’re physically present at your stand but absent on social media, you’re missing out on multiple opportunities to get your work seen.

And getting seen by the right people leads to more sales!

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Hope you found these tips about using social media at a design and craft fair helpful!

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Thanks! Looking forward to sharing my creative biz tips with you!

– Charlene

Ask Charlene: What’s the difference between designjunction and London Design Fair? (video)

The annual London Design Festival in September is anchored by major design fairs. The two most relevant for independent designers, makers and brands are usually designjunction and the London Design Fair (formerly Tent London). So what’s the difference between them?

Question: What’s the difference between designjunction and the London Design Fair (formerly Tent London)?

In this video, I compare designjunction and the London Design Fair during London Design Festival 2017 – hopefully you find it helpful if you’re thinking of which to visit or to apply to exhibit at in the future!

Tell me in the comments or on social media (Twitter @charclam and Instagram @charclam) what you think about either show.

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