Hi! I’m Charlene.

I help creatives show and sell their work by telling better stories.

Dear Creative Person,

Can I ask you my favorite question?

HOW do you show and sell your work?

Because here’s the thing: Designing and making beautiful things isn’t enough.

If you want to make a creative living, you have to show your beautiful work
… to the right people
… at the right time
… in the right way

In words and visuals, online and offline.

I really believe that selling your work can be as simple as that!

And I believe in you and what you do, creative person.

Let’s go add more beauty to this world, together!

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How I Work with Creative Companies

I work with designers, makers, brands and creative organizations in NYC, London and around the world in a couple of ways:

  • Digital content strategy and development
  • Content production and presenter onboarding for online events
  • Social media consultancy and workshops
  • Creative Business coaching and mentoring
  • Speaking and writing


Email: charlene [at] hicharlene.com

LinkedIn | Instagram @charclam